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Institute for the History of Science Programs

1.      Workshop on "Historiography of Science: Theory and Method", 10 January 2018

2.      Seminar on "Natural Philosophy in Islam", 27- 28 February 2018

3.      International Seminar on "History of Mathematics: In honor of Professor Roshdi Rashed", 9-10 May 2018

4.      Workshop on "History of Islamic Architecture", 15 June 2018

5.      International conference on "Cosmology and Cosmological texts (Risālāt al-Hayʾa) in Islamic Civilization" September 2018.

6.      Workshop on "History of Logic in Islamic World", December 2018

7.      Workshop on "Persian Scientific Manuscripts", 2018

8.      Seminar on "History of Medicine and Pharmacy in Islamic world", 2018

9.      Workshop on "Principles of Music in Islamic Civilization"

10.  Conference on "Exact Science contested", 2019

11.  Second international conference on "History of Natural Sciences in Iranian and Islamic Civilization", 2019

12.  International conference on " Science in Cultural Exchange: Iran and India", 2019

13.  International conference on "Science in Safavid Period", 2020

14.  Conference on "Scientific Instruments in Islamic Civilization", 2020

15.  Conference on "Social History of Science: Scientific Institutions in Islamic Civilization", 2020

16.  International conference on "Science in Timurid Period", 2021

17.  Seminar on "Ancient and Modern Science in Dar-al-Funūn: Abd Al Ghaffār Nadjm al-Dawlah"

18.  Seminar on "Scientific Heritage of Razi"

19.  Seminar on "Scientific Heritage of Biruni"

20.  Seminar on "Scientific Heritage of Khayyām"

21.  International conference on "Science in Cultural Exchange: Iran and Ottoman Empire"